Any lawyers in here? Does 18 USC section 1030 really cover port scanning?


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Hey all:

Nmap, Burp, Rapid7, and many other sites all state that port scanning without authorization is illegal under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. But if I look at 18 USC section 1030 it seems like every condition in the text mentions of malicious intent and damage to the system.

Port scanning someone is not that. Wondering why people say port scanning is illegal?

If port scanning is illegal, great. I can use that to cut down on a lot of the noise. I'm just not certain if 18 USC section 1030 is clear on simple port scanning?!?


1, I'm not asking so I can do something illegal. I'm getting sick and tired of customers trying to blow up my website without giving me the courtesy of a notification. I don't care if they pentest me. I consider it a free bugbounty engagement. Just let me know ahead of time so I don't waste valuable company resources on testing rather than real world events.

2, Really only looking for sound legal advice as replies.

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