Educational Cybersecurity Podcasts


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Hello all,

Tl;dr: Do you know of or would you listen to a cybersec podcast focused on learning it?

I've been thinking of starting a cybersecurity podcast soon, and I wanted to see if anybody else is already doing it better, and if people had any feedback.

I'm looking for podcasts that are specifically geared towards learning the topics and methods used in cybersecurity. I love darknet diaries, hacker and the fed, Talos, etc, but am looking specifically for education. Not stories or news. One of the recent threads I looked up on this suggested a CISSP audiobook, which is sort of what I'm after but with more variety. I personally love to learn while listening on walks or drives and would like to find bite sized chances to do that (30-60 minutes).

If nobody is aware of any, what I'm considering creating would hopefully be a format with two people presenting various topics, one teaching the other. The intention would be to present topics and discuss them to teach beginners key concepts of comp sci/cybersec through generally interacting with the technologies or concepts as much as possible. This would be available on YouTube and as a podcast, so watching would be available, but all things shown on screen will be heavily narrated.

The general idea would be to start with larger, more general concepts and slowly narrow them down into approachable and reproducible attacks.

Possible topics would be: operating systems, the windows operating system, using the CLI (with windows), Kali Linux and using the CLI with Linux, virtual machines and hosting them, what happens when I Google something and click search, http requests, burp suite, networking, nmap, databases SQL and nosql, injection attacks, SQL injection, what are vulnerabilities, hashes and passwords, cracking passwords, etc

I would be aiming to start with monthly episodes, and if things seem to be going well, would like to move to biweekly episodes.

What thoughts do people have about this? Is somebody already doing this? If not, would people want this?

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