Is this public speaker legit?


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First, I don't want to name him outright just so it doesn't come up in SEO and it hurts him or I end up in a fight with him. This is less about discrediting him and more about how speakers get found to present at conferences and trade shows.

He was a closing speaker at a cyber security event I was at this week and told the story about how a couple of years ago, he was defrauded by his employees while he was out and "hacked so hard" that he lost all his money and every piece of tech he had was bugged. He claims his computer was being remotely controlled (realistic), his phone was bugged via Bluetooth (questionable), and his Onstar account had 36 authorized vehicles who could secretly listen in (so many questions). He was at rock bottom and only turned things around by becoming an advocate for cyber security telling his story (he did not say if anything is resolved), he does the speaking circuit and dresses up as a cyber security superhero, and he has a podcast. The podcast thing makes me think that's how he's getting speaking engagements. He doesn't actually know anything about security, so his approach is to get guests and just ask questions and let them drive, which is fine in some aspects, but that doesn't give him value as a speaker to security people, because our job is to stop that and the more details he gives, the more we're going to think about it.

We were talking afterwards about the details of his story and things weren't adding up. We can't find what company he had that was stolen out from under him or really anything old, just the new information including this slide deck he presented. All his evidence shows 2016-2018, so this is pretty recent and most of it doesn't really validate anything except for his GM service ticket that has some personal information that I would have blanked out if I were him, but no date on the ticket.

Has anyone been to conferences with people like this? Motivational speakers are one thing, but people with podcasts who don't actually know anything and just interview tech people seems to be the new thing. But who is vetting them and their story? Why does this guy even go into such weird detail?

Finally, let's keep in mind that camDown and that's the the real deal!