Could I handle the life of a ‘human turtle’? – Moscow-Pullman Daily News


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I hesitated, but decided to interrupt them anyway. Two women were having an animated conversation in the Moscow Food Co-op deli. One of the pair was a high school teacher I admire greatly. I hadn’t seen her for months, so decided to say a quick hello. Familiar with my column, LeeAnn Eareckson mentioned that her visiting cousin, Carolyn Parks, was on an open-ended road trip. She was among the not-so-small world of permanent RVers. Not your standard owner, who parks their rig in the driveway when not out in it, Carolyn was a true “turtle” (that’s what I’m calling it) with her only home on her back.

I’d heard of this RV owner subset, but hadn’t actually met a human turtle. I simply had to know more. Like, after 40 years of settled life in New Mexico, how did a single woman of exactly my age make this leap? How did she actually pull it off?

I got myself invited to LeeAnn’s for a pleasant afternoon of sipping iced tea on the deck, asking questions, and finally, inspectingthe carapace.

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