What set you apart to get your job?


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One of the biggest factors that people find hard to admit is personality. Of course experience and certs will go a long ways, and yes you need a good resume/CV, but once you get to speak to someone (HR, hiring manager, potential colleagues) it's all about your personality and how you sell yourself. Soft skills are a much bigger factor in this industry than most people understand. They get you hired, they keep you employed, and they let you climb the ladder.

Too many people like to think it's about faking it, and sure there's a degree of "playing the game" when it comes to the hiring process, but the truth is you need to be genuine to even stand a chance. You need to be likable. People need to believe in your abilities, but also want to be around you. Unfortunately for many their personality will never allow them to take advantage of a situation or rise to the top. Sometimes people get nervous and freeze up, but more often than not they're just not likeable or fit with a team, and that's hard to admit.

People make up a ton of excuses as to why they don't get positions, and sometimes there might even be a sliver of truth to it, but the reality is they're usually lying to themselves or can't admit the truth. You see it in subs like this all the time. People do everything right, but still can't get a job! Well it's because they are either lying, unaware, or unlikable. Those are the hardest things to admit, but by far the biggest reasons you don't get a job.

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