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Political reporter Henry Belot has compiled this excellent little wrap to give you an idea of how the Coalition's superannuation pitch to allow first home buyers to access up to $50,000 of their super fits with what's been said by MPs previously.

Plans to allow first home buyers to access their superannuation has been a contentious issue in the Liberal Party for many years. 

Debate has flared on many occasions, including in 2015 when former treasurer Joe Hockey said it was worthy of consideration given rising property prices. 

But as recently as last year, former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull described it as a "crazy idea" that would just drive up the price of housing. 

"Honestly, that is the worst possible argument," he told an Industry Super Australia event. 

Former Finance Minister Mathias Cormann was also critical of the proposal, arguing it could boost demand for homes. 

"You want to pursue measures that boost supply and if anything help moderate demand, and that is obviously not something that is on the table with this particular proposal," he told the ABC in 2015.

Then Treasury secretary Ken Henry was also critical and said superannuation "wasn't and never has been designed to support people to buy a home."

Former prime minister Tony Abbott was in favour of the policy, saying in 2017 that superannuation should be as useful as it possibly can be. 

"If people would prefer to use it to put down a deposit on a home rather than saving it up for 30, 40 or 50 years' time then, why not? I think this is a good idea," he said in 2017.

Liberal MP Tim Wilson – who is facing a threat to his Victorian seat of Goldstein – has long been a proponent of the policy. 

"Superannuation matters. Home ownership matters more. That's why it should be home first, super second," Mr Wilson said on Twitter.

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