In-person vs Remote Internships


As you well know !

Hello! I am a university student in cybersecurity that was offered an internship with Northrop Grumman Mission Systems. This is a pretty sizeable distance for me to travel at a young age alone, and when trying to weigh my options whether it is more beneficial to do the internship remote or in person, the biggest difference is money (shocker). In no way will my internship affect my ability to pay for the rest of my education, however the difference in cost between my options is rather sizeable. In looking for a summer internship I've been shying away from a lot of remote options purely because I feel as though I would not be able to network with other interns or people within the company to the same degree through Zoom or MS Teams. Essentially, the dilemma I find myself in is whether or not this potential loss of interaction is worth a couple grand.

If anyone has experience in remote and in person internships, I would greatly appreciate some advice. I should mention that I did request that my relocation stipend be renegotiated to counteract the cost of living, but I'm not necessarily holding my breath on that.

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