Starting a Cyber Analyst job in a couple weeks – how do I prepare?


Everyone knows !

UPDATE: Thank you guys so much for all of the advice! This really helped my nerves a lot. This was my first post in this group and I really appreciate how helpful and welcoming everyone was. I’m really looking forward to starting my career in security! 🙂

I just accepted a role as a cyber security analyst after working as a system administrator for the last year. Prior to here I worked in Operations (just monitoring systems) and then Desktop Support with a total of 4 years IT experience.

My current company is small so my role encompasses everything IT from Desktop support, Networking, Security, Server Administration, you name it. I am very much so still learning though.

For transitioning to a fully security position what are some things I need to focus on to prepare for my first day? I want to make sure I do good job because this position was a huge step up in pay at a much better company and I’m genuinely excited for the role and to be out of system administration. Any advice is appreciated!

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