Learning LDAP and AD? ldap enumeration tool


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Hi r/cybersecurity,

In the course of studying for the OSCP, I wrote this tool to automate some common enumeration queries I'd normally run against (AD backed) ldap and learn about how ldap works in the process. My hope is that it's simple enough that people who are encountering these concepts for the first time can easily read the code and extend it to suit their own needs, but it should also remove some of the tedium of remembering specific ldap syntax, class names, etc.

If you find it useful (or you think I'm doing something very wrong in it haha) please feel free to contribute, submit bugs, etc! I'm still learning so expect a little funkiness with the tool, but I think it a good starting place for people who need a simple pre-auth ad enumeration solution or are getting into ad pen testing for the first time

Repo: https://github.com/cburk/dapper

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