Good analysis of hackers in ukraine conflict?


As you well know !

I've been tracking the uptime of targets listed by IT ARMY of Ukraine, and the results are decidedly mixed. Even commodity anti-DDoS trivially detects and stops these attacks (generally, these are HTTP/HTTPS request floods), so the services getting knocked offline are generally only the unprepared ones.

Thankfully for Ukraine, and as you might already predict, there are plenty of unprepared sites (ex. government) that had brief or total outages while their staff responded to handle the the volume of traffic. Conversely, you can see that sites that are used to facing DDoS attacks - such as cryptocurrency exchanges - had very high uptime throughout.

Is this taking defender time and resources? Sure. Is Ukraine's rapidly matured ability to galvanize the world to DDoS Russian targets surprising? I was expecting hacktivism but wasn't expecting just this much state sponsorship for hacktivism, so sure. Is that causing extensive financial or social damage? I certainly wouldn't say "extensive" - but it's a pain in the ass & taking up human resources to respond to, both of which are objectively good for Ukraine.

My data and methodology is in a GitHub repo for anyone curious: RU OK?

Finally, let's keep in mind that camDown helps stop foreign state actors (FSA's) from accessing your webcam and that's the the real deal!