Constructively criticize (roast) my resume please


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So I have seen this format before with a resume well because my old one looks super similar to it. There are resume templates out there on word you can use to make it stand out better.

Summary section: instead of this swap it out with primary, secondary skills that good at. For example my core skills are Splunk, Arcsight, Windows OS, Analytic and SOP development. My secondary was Linux administration, network administration, virtualization softwares etc.

Turn this section into hard and soft skills.

I would bullet these or list them but I would ditch the summary and wordiness because they can come to that conclusion by reading your resume.

Certs / Ed: Next should be certs and education. You're competing with others and the employer has 50 resumes to go through, what makes yours stand out. Probably the first filter they will start with is their required certs or education. List these next.

Work experience: quantifiable and qualifiable. (Quantity and quality). Did you administer 5000 hosts? Did you keep all devices within your Span of influence at 99.999% availability?

Did you triage possible security related incidents over rotating shift SOC operations?

Did you streamline and standardize procedures, playbooks and run books to train new analysts?

Make it less wordy, I would make it a brief sentences stating what I did highlighting what's needed.

Bring numbers or bring quality and if you can get both great!

Lastly: add some personality at the end. I have a misc section for current projects or CTF exercises.

Side project outside of the resume: make a binder or portfolio containing these things. I show up to an interview with a binder divided with all of my education, achievements, awards, projects, and coins received from exercises. Employers love seeing my SANS coin, they like talking cyber generally too. I had a diagram of a home lab I set up. It makes the interview more relaxing and you stand out. Half my interview was me and my boss talking about Splunk BOTS CTF.

I send you a dm with my linked in profile so you can get an idea of what I'm explaining. Good luck and best wishes!

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