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May 12, 2022

Issue #188

Were You Affected by the 2021 T-Mobile Data Breach?

In our latest issue, we’re opening up with some new information on the 2021 T-Mobile data breach and the options affected individuals have going forward. From there, we’ll discuss a lawsuit alleging that certain Fitbit smartwatches suffer from a defect that makes them overheat to the point that they can cause burns and pose a fire hazard. Another recently filed suit is claiming that TD Bank customers weren’t warned that online money transfer service Zelle isn’t as safe and secure as advertised, and, to round things out, a case against Amazon takes issue with the “free” Audible titles offered with Prime memberships. The latest settlements can be found down below as well. Thanks for stopping by.

- Ty Armstrong, Writer/Community Manager

2021 T-Mobile Data Breach Arbitration: Take Action

Since T-Mobile’s data breach was announced in August 2021, attorneys have been working to help make sure the company is held accountable for allegedly failing to protect the private information of millions, who are now at a heightened risk for fraud and identity theft. Now, attorneys are looking to what’s known in the legal world as “mass arbitration” to help accomplish this. Mass arbitration is different from traditional class action litigation in that it occurs when hundreds or thousands of consumers bring individual arbitration claims against the same company, at the same time and over the same issue. While there are no guarantees, it is possible that those who sign up for the mass arbitration could potentially be entitled to hundreds of dollars. It costs nothing to sign up, and if attorneys don’t win your claim, you don’t pay. You can find all the details and how to sign up over on this page.

Lawsuit: Overheating Fitbits Pose Potential Burn Hazard, Fire Risk

Some consumers have been reporting that their Fitbit smartwatches are overheating to the point of causing burns, and now a proposed class action has been filed blaming the problem on a dangerous design defect. You may have seen that a recall was issued a few months back due to a possible burn risk, but the lawsuit is claiming that only one Fitbit product – the Ionic – was recalled, even though the same defect exists in more than 10 other devices. According to the case, Google, which now owns Fitbit, has danced around how widespread the burn issue actually is, and the company’s March 2022 recall was merely a “façade” that aimed to protect profits and made it unreasonably difficult for consumers to receive compensation. For a list of products named in the suit and more details on why the recall has been called inadequate, head on over to this page.

Class Action Settlements:

Can You File a Claim?

Latest Class Action Settlements

Our settlements page is always being updated. Have you checked to see if you're covered by any open settlements? You can also check out the latest settlements as they happen by following us on Twitter.

Latest Settlements

  • Sole Fitness Treadmills
  • If you owned a Sole treadmill in Ohio or Minnesota between August 30, 2015 and February 21, 2022 or in the rest of the United States between December 2, 2017 and February 21, 2022, you may be covered by this settlement.

  • Bosley Data Breach
  • If your information was compromised in the 2020 Bosley data breach, you may be included in this settlement.

  • Vending Machine Fingerprint Collection (Illinois)
  • If you used a Compass or 365 Retail vending machine in Illinois between August 23, 2014 and November 2, 2021, you may be able to claim a piece of this settlement.

Ending Soon

  • All Day Energy Greens (May 20)
  • National Grid Phone Calls (May 22)
  • Pacific Market Research Data Breach (May 24)
  • Molekule Air Purifiers (May 31)
  • Old Navy Sale Prices (May 31)

To view a complete list of settlements and to find out how you can file a claim, click here.

~ In Other News ~

Suit Claims TD Bank Falsely Advertises Zelle as Safe and Securev

TD Bank advertises Zelle as fast, safe and secure – but a recently filed lawsuit contends that the online money transfer service comes with huge undisclosed risks that weren’t properly disclosed to the bank’s customers. For instance, when encouraging accountholders to sign up for Zelle, TD Bank omitted a “key fact” about the service – that there is “virtually no recourse” when it comes to recovering money lost to fraud, the case says. Making matters worse, the suit alleges TD “misrepresents and omits” that it will not reimburse accountholders for money lost on Zelle due to fraud, even when the loss is reported in a timely manner. The plaintiff in the case, for instance, says she lost $1,700 in a fraudulent Zelle transaction and that TD Bank denied her claim for reimbursement. The case looks to represent all individuals with TD Bank accounts who signed up for Zelle and incurred unreimbursed losses due to fraud. You can read up on all the details right here.

Amazon Prime – Are “Free” Audible Titles Really Included?

Receiving free titles on Audible when you sign up for Amazon Prime seems like a nice perk, but a recent lawsuit is claiming that the offer is too good to be true. According to the suit, an Amazon Prime membership doesn’t actually include a free subscription to Audible – rather, Amazon “surreptitiously” enrolls Prime members into a paid Audible subscription, for which they’re charged a recurring monthly fee and through which they could potentially obtain “free” titles. As a result, many Amazon Prime subscribers have paid monthly subscription fees for Audible services that they never asked for or used, the lawsuit alleges. The case goes on to state that Amazon makes it “exceedingly difficult” for Prime members to discontinue their Audible subscriptions once they discover the charges. The titan of online shopping, the complaint alleges, then limits refunds of Prime customers’ Audible subscription fees to only a few months. Here's the full story.

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