HTTP response


As you may know !

Something I found useful knowing early on in my career especially with red teaming was knowing what HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) error response status codes meant. 

HTTP response refer to requests to a web server made by search engines or visitors on a website.

These codes are always represented by three numbers beginning with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. The codes indicate the status of a web element. From 100s to 500s, here's a brief overview of how the status code are split within the following categories:

• 100s: informational. The request has been received and the process is going on.

• 200s: success: the request has been received and works well.

• 300s: redirection: the request has been received but needs a extra step to be completed.

• 400s: client error: the request has been asked by a client but the destination page is not correct.

• 500s: server error: the request asked by the client was correct but the server failed to deliver it.

The first digit of the code tells us which of the five classes the code originates. You definitely can't know what all the codes mean off the top of your head, you really don't need to, I was particularly interested in the error codes so that's the focus of this post.

4xx codes generally are error responses specifying an issue at the client's end. Here's what each of the mean.

400 Bad Request 401 Unauthorised 402 Payment Required 403 Forbidden 404 Not found 405 Method Not Allowed 406 Not accepted 407 Proxy Authentication Required 408 Request Timeout 409 Conflict 410 Gone 411 Lenght required 412 Precondition failed 413 Payload too large 414 Url too long 415 Unsupported media 416 Range not satisfiable 417 Expectation failed 418 I'm a teapot 421 Unprocessed entry 423 Locked 424 Failed dependency 425 Too early 426 Upgrade required 428 Precondition required 429 Too many requests 431 Request header field too large 451 Unavailable for legal reasons

A 5xx error is an error which occurs when a server doesn't fulfil a request. There are 10 types of this error.

500 Internal server error 501 Not implemented 502 Bad gateway 503 Service unavailable 504 Gateway timeout 505 HTTP version not supported 506 Variant also negotiates 507 Insufficient storage 508 Loop detected 510 Not extended 511 Network authentication required

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