Conti tops April’s ransomware charts. UK Council responsible for accidental student data breach. – The CyberWire


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  • Conti tops April’s ransomware charts.
  • UK Council responsible for accidental student data breach.

Conti tops April’s ransomware charts.

The Record by Recorded Future has released the latest stats from its ransomware tracker, and while the overall number of attacks didn’t change much in April, the Conti ransomware group had a very productive month. The notorious hacking gang was connected to at least fifty incidents, including the massive attack on the government of Costa Rica which, as we noted yesterday, led the president to declare a state of emergency. Other threat groups active last month include LockBit 2.0, which came in second behind only Conti in number of victims posted to extortion sites, as well as ALPHV, Black Basta, and Cl0p. A wide range of industries were hit with attacks, including healthcare organizations, construction firms, and government agencies.

UK Council responsible for accidental student data breach.

Cornwall Council in the UK has disclosed that it inadvertently leaked the personal details of five school children and their families, including names, addresses, and birthdates. The BBC reports that the data was mistakenly published online among documents related to a meeting of its School Transport Appeals Committee. The Council has issued a formal apology to the impacted families, stating the data breach was the result of human error. "A report which should have been only available to elected members on the School Transport Appeal Committee, was published in full on the council's website as a result of human error,” the Council explained. The info has since been removed from the website, and the Information Commissioner's Office has been notified of the incident. "Every incident of data loss is treated extremely seriously and thoroughly investigated to minimise any possible harm and to find ways of preventing it happening again," the Council stated, adding it will cooperate with any resulting probe.

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