What can be done?


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A friend's company's outlook email was hacked and some emails were sent out on the behalf of employees in broken english to their clients, notifying them that payment terms were now being requested via ACH to an out-of-state bank. The clients unfortunately, didn't question the email and followed through with the request transferring a large sum of money. This wasn't discovered by either party for a few months so the money is gone in their eyes.

New security measures are being implemented to discourage this from ever happening in the future. It's hard watching a friend go through this and it's a word of caution to be vigilant with your cybersecurity efforts.

Both companies seem to have thrown in the towel on being able to go after the criminals or being able to write off any losses. Unfortunately, both businesses are facing a lot of financial turmoil as they're exploring arrangements to have one or both share the costs of the theft.

It seems cyber security is no longer tax deductible. Their insurance doesn't cover it. Can the FBI be pulled in since the money was transferred over states lines? Any suggestions I can pass along would be greatly appreciated.

My question is, what if anything can be done on the legal/enforcement side that they may not have been thought of yet by my friend?

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