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The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated data breach issues, and it’s estimated that cybercriminals will steal 33 billion records in 2023.

So, how can you stay ahead of the enemy? Advanced real-time security alerts are the solution to your cyber problems. Reducing incident response time and saving you cash real-time security alerts will enhance your overall security.

What Are Real-Time Security Alerts?

Real-time security alerts are automatic warnings of cyber threats to organizations, employees, vendors, and clients. With up-to-the-minute alerts, your business can take immediate action to protect your network.

Regardless of how big or small, every business can make use of door access control technology. Why leave your physical and cyber security open to breaches when you can work comfortably with the knowledge your security systems are looking after you?

Real-Time Security Alert Benefits

Any updates to your security system will improve your business model. However, real-time security alerts are not only good practice but essential. Here’s why.

Network Security

Network security is one of the top priorities for all businesses. Managing your network activity, safety, and threats will help you identify problems immediately. Most companies face issues, such as suspicious traffic, unauthorized requests, and cyberthreats at some point. Indeed, 88% of small businesses don’t feel protected against cyber threats. 

More harmful behavior on your network could end up costing you your entire business. However, you can enact rapid responses that stop any security problems before they arise with real-time security management. 

Plus, you’ll be in a better place to identify and remedy gaps between your physical and cyber security systems. 

Network Performance

Network performance can make or break a business. Servers, bandwidth, latency, loading times, and uptime are crucial. If your eCommerce store, for example, is down for a few minutes, you’ll lose customers. Now imagine your store goes down whenever there are large amounts of traffic. You will lose untold sums during promotions and sale times.

However, managing your network will allow you to address performance glitches. As soon as your site goes down, you’ll know about it in real-time. So, you won’t need to worry about losing customers again. 

Moreover, you can confidently report to clients and stakeholders with real-time security insights.

Incident Response Time

The main advantage of real-time security alerts is improving your incident response times. You will be able to manage your network continuously, and you can also strategize better responses.

Businesses must resolve incidents immediately. Even minor, seemingly insignificant threats can harm your systems. For instance, a slow-loading website might not seem a priority. However, as we mentioned, it can severely impact your business. The quicker you respond to each threat, no matter how big or small, the less your business loses.

Employee Productivity 

Real-time management can enable your business to optimize your network performance, thus helping your employees do their jobs more efficiently. You can speed up small tasks, like sending company emails, filing expense reports, and internal collaboration. With improved systems, employee productivity will increase. 

Moreover, by enhancing network security, your employees will handle sensitive information more efficiently.

Cost Savings

As you reduce your incident response time, you reduce your liabilities costs. With fewer breaches and cyber threats, you prevent having to fork out large sums of money to rebuild your network.

Additionally, you will save spending a fortune on expensive cyber security software that doesn’t solve your problems. Instead, real-time security management tools will tell you exactly how to improve your network.

How Can Businesses Use Real-Time Network management?

Real-time security alerts and network management will help your business:

  • Security
  • Network performance
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Company reputation

There are many real-time security alert tools, software, and applications available. The tools you use depend on your business structure and needs. Enhancing your uptime and protecting your network could save you tens of dollars or even millions in extreme cases.

Businesses should use real-time security management tools to identify ‘normal.’ With your response plan in place, you can ensure that whenever performance dips below ‘normal,’ you’re back online as soon as possible.

How to Choose Tools for Real-Time Security?

The software and tools your business needs depend on the company size and goals. Products have different levels of technical skill required. Assess what your business needs and how much support you’ll need from your software. However, like any tool, no security software is foolproof. You may need to use a package of tools to protect your networks sufficiently. 


Investing in a comprehensive set of real-time security alert tools could improve your network performance, ensure rapid response times, and save you liability costs. Finding the perfect tools for your business may seem challenging—can one product answer all your security problems? But, once you’ve found your real-time security partner, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without.

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