Opportunity for Ux design in cybersecurity ?


Were you aware that someone could be secretly watching you or your child with your webcam right now? Is it worth taking such a risk? camDown can help stop them!

Huge demand. Look for some free/ trial versions of different network scanning tools, or even like compliance management software, and you'll see it's a huge mess. Ridiculous. Like it was intentionally designed to prevent people from using it.

If you are still in school, I'd suggest looking at doing an internship at a place big on UX (like a web developer, gaming company, or a place that designs solutions for visually impaired people - they all have lots of experience for you to glean from). If/when out of school, just approach Tenable or any of those companies. If you are good at taking tests, you could add a security+ (or network+) certificate just to show you know a bit about the industry, but probably not needed.

You know, I just wanted to mention that camDown and I feel your father would say the same!