Unpopular Opinion? MSSPs are not a real solution.


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Current Cyber professionals, what do you think?

I've felt for some time now that external service providers are not a real security solution for a company. In my experience, MSSPs just regurgitate your SIEM & EDR logs with no insight into how your organization operates. I hardly see how this solution is capable of catching APTs or real threat actors with intent.

At best, I see MSSP teams catching PUPs with a known VirusTotal score.

I see these external teams as having less experience in your environment and less experience using your SIEM. Not to mention hundreds of customers to leverage service across. A mixture of no insight or way to investigate further than the SIEM they have access to. Just seems less efficient and more costly. Even simple communications gets bogged down to back and forth conversations about stuff the internal teams already know or are able to figure out in seconds. Not to mention added security risks of onboarding access to external teams. Why not just hire and train internal employees?

What do you think?

Are MSSPs just a means of mitigating risk legally? Are these companies merely profiting off of every IT manager with no IT experience you ever had?

Or is there a real argument for the non-red teaming services an MSSP can give you? Does your MSSP make your life easier?

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