Why does the cybersecurity community dislike Kevin Mitnick?


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Well hmm. How to put this.

Kevin back in the day, mostly did social engineering to “hack” things. He was an early “hacker” made example of by government and arrested for unlawful access of systems.

Then a “movement” started. “Free Kevin”. People didn’t like that social engineering your way into things could land you in jail.

Meh. Whatever. People in both camps.

Eventually it all shook out and Kevin went on with his life which, like anybody who managed to get their 15 minutes of fame, he leveraged into being touted as a “security expert”. Now whether he is or not, like anyone, debatable.

But that led to speaking gigs and lucrative contracts and well… whatever.

There’s a ton more to it and more to debate if one has time — but the gist of it is, some don’t find him all that and a bag of chips.

Frankly his episode was in the early days and the Wild West and there’s other “security personalities” who also cashed in heavily like anything new. Some built security related businesses mostly on other’s work and research, some write theoretical articles that are good but haven’t “hacked” anything in decades, the list goes on.

Personally I can take him or leave him but I did get a chuckle when our KnkwBe4 rep mentioned we could make my poor staff watch his modem day videos.

I know who he is, they don’t, but the idea that they’ll remember his name from the news that long ago or that he adds much “gravitas” to the training they all hate anyway… well, I kinda doubt it.

I don’t dislike him, I don’t have any personal ill will toward him. But not a security personality I would go very far out of my way to go see or try real hard to meet. That said if someone said, “That’s Kevin over there, wanna grab a photo with him?” Well, sure… whatever. It’s a conversation piece for us oldsters I guess.

Better than a photo with a politician, I suppose. Haha.

Honestly I still might not bother, I don’t need any photos with anybody. Just a scenario to explain my neutrality level on it.

Others may have deeper positive or negative opinions of him. Perhaps they’ve met him. I definitely haven’t.

It’s a small world. Maybe I will someday. I try to be nice but even my KB4 rep joked you either love him or hate him — but honestly I don’t do either.

Did I think jailing him for social engineering back then was appropriate? Probably not. Was that sort of thing inevitable with where computers were headed at the time? Absolutely. Timing affects the outcome of the rain dance.

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