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As a business owner, it is important to make your business premises more secure to prevent theft or violent behavior by criminals inside or outside a building. Your employees need to feel safe and keep the outside world safe for customers and clients. Follow these tips to create secure business premises to prevent internal product theft or cybercrimes involving the theft of private information. Data security is one of the hottest topics in the digital world, and a proactive approach to security is one of the best investments a business can make.

The impact of a cyber attack can be fatal to a company’s finances, reputation, and customer trust, right up to lawsuits and the loss of important customer data. However, these risks can be mitigated by taking proven steps to improve the security of your business facilities. Just as you would assess risks in other parts of your operation and try to mitigate them, a proactive approach to securing your business facilities can make all the difference to your future success.

How to make company premises more secure

Prevent the entry of intruders

First of all, the exterior security of your facilities is vital. Theft is among the high-ranking crimes that lead to significant business losses. So how do you block intruders? Start by securing the premises with a fence, especially if you have a large property. You can incorporate electric fences and high walls to deter anyone from trying to break in. Also, use windows and doors made of very strong materials like steel, which makes entry a challenge for intruders.

In addition, the installation of an alarm system that alerts security companies and authorities every time there is a break-in. Alarms go off when the door is opened or in the event of a security breach alerting the police who will assess your property within minutes. Also, alarm sounds always create panic in intruders, and they may not rob the place as expected.

Install modern security technology

Another way to secure your business is the integration of modern technologies like CCTV and motion detectors. CCTV is one of the best ways to make sure you catch any intruder through recorded video leading to an arrest. With the rise of tech companies, get expert advice on which brands to buy to maximize your use. CCTV systems can be installed inside and outside the building in carefully selected locations to reduce blind spots.

Today, thieves also incorporate modern technologies into their crimes, giving them an advantage when evading security measures. Any business owner needs to use more than one security system to ensure that the other provides the required information if one fails. Motion detectors can be a great addition to your security. You can set the detectors to detect any movement at odd times (when the building is closed for business or at night). Detectors sync with alarms and once they detect any activity, the alarms go off and alert security personnel.

Assess any job-related risks

Safety also means eliminating hazards that could expose your staff to injury. Workplaces have various risks depending on the type of industry. Regardless, you must ensure that all employees are safe from any dangers, such as chemical spills, fires, building collapses and electrical shocks. Some of these risks are not considered, and when they occur, they cause a lot of damage or, even worse, death.

As the owner, establish measures that require employees to wear protective equipment during high-risk operations. In addition, the use of electrical cabinets to enclose electrical items that can be dangerous if exposed, such as Dupont connectors, is also a step in promoting workplace safety.

Secure your equipment

In most companies, work teams have their designated storage area. Storing these tools in a specific place is suitable for easy retrieval as everyone knows the location. However, as much as that may be a good thing, it’s also a drawback when it comes to security. Some employees are prone to theft, meaning they will steal equipment and appliances necessary for workplace efficiency.

To prevent this behavior, you can install lockers and cabinets to keep these tools safe from any theft, be it from employees or intruders. Also, thefts among employees will be reduced if everyone has their lockers. CCTV can also help determine where missing equipment is and if someone was responsible, disciplinary action will be seen as a lesson to others.

Incorporate infection prevention measures

Before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, most people did not take infection prevention measures seriously. However, with the recent events, everyone is very careful to avoid contracting the disease. A safe work environment is necessary for optimal production; therefore, you must implement all necessary measures to ensure that all employees are safe from contracting any infectious disease.

The measures are simple, designate a hand hygiene area with alcohol-based sanitizers, liquid soap and clean water, or both. You can place them at entrances where everyone who enters will have access. Also, during pandemics, have your staff wear protective gear like face masks to further protect themselves and others.

Final words: How to create company premises safer

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