Experienced IT, shifting into cybersecurity. Degree vs certs?


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I have about 15 years experience in IT management, mostly small businesses and msp type work. I currently manage security for my main job (Med sized medical clinic), as well as a few small businesses I service.

I currently don't have any certs or degrees, because I've been at my company for over 10 years and they weren't needed. I've recently discovered a new found passion for cyber security and would like to focus more on that path for my next career move.

I've seen lots of info shared about wgu and it looks great, but I currently work about 70ish hours a week and have a family. So finding time to get my money's worth out of that is a stretch for me I think.

I believe I could probably pass several of the entry level certs without too much trouble, a+, sec+, net+ etc.

My wife has a super stressful Job and I'm looking to make a move that will make it easier for her to step back from some of those duties. We are in rural Tennessee if that helps.

I have lots of experience in IT, from help desk to sysadmin, to network admin, web development, etc

Any advice will be super helpful.

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