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Health officials have stated that the country is facing a COVID-19 spike, and as of April 26th, the rate of hospitalisation is also slowly increasing.

In light of this reality, proper COVID-19 case management is important.

Our reporter Alicia Boucher sought answers from health experts as to how you can do this effectively.

Two of the four green-band-maxi-taxi routes yet to implement a fare increase will be doing so, come Monday.

Meantime discussions are underway with respect to raising fares on a third route, but the Route 3 Maxi-Taxi Association is giving its clients the opportunity to suggest a reasonable increase. Rynessa Cutting has more.

In the midst of disturbing reports of sexual offences committed against minors at children's homes, the Ministry of Education is informing of a number of allegations against teachers over the last few years. The newly-elected National Parent-Teacher Association President says these allegations, as well as other matters like rising COVID cases and instances of school violence, are all engaging the attention of the NPTA.

If you'd like to start a backyard garden or want to add to a home garden you already have, you're in luck!

The Agricultural Development Bank has launched a seedling drive.

And, the plan is to distribute 20-thousand seedlings to the public.

Well it's not often you hear about national coaches winning back to back titles in Volleyball in the United States. However, that's the story of T&T volleyball coach Kevin Edwards. He led the Baruch Bearcats to wins in the 2019 and 2022 US Collegiate Men’s Volleyball Championship. It's a performance that has taken his career to new heights.

Professor Yufei Wu, a regional cyber security expert gives T&T a two to three ranking - out of ten - when it comes to securing devices and databases from unauthorized access or attack. He calls for proper laws to be in place to protect the country from malicious attacks.

AMCHAM has officially launched the T&T and Republic Bank Tech Hub Island Summit 2022.

The conference, which commenced four years ago, is expected to return to a face-to-face setting this year.

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