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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Laramie County Community College has received the “Cyber Skills for All” grant.

The push is to educate the next generation on Cyber Security, provide flexible education infrastructure and give access to scholarships for students.

“Cyber Security is a rapidly growing field as we’ve all seen post-Covid. The need for security, and ransomware, breaches those things. Yet the field is not expanding at the rate of personnel, the rate it needs to meet the overall demands of industries,” said Troy Amick, Program Director, Information Technology, LCCC.

LCCC is one of 14 community colleges nationwide to receive this grant.

The initiative will increase student-to-workforce development through collaborations with Microsoft and the American Association of Community Colleges. It will help students develop skills for the digital age.

Instructors state that as our data footprint grows, so will our need for data security.

“We have to start looking at how did we train the individuals for the next generation to combat that because it’s not going to shrink. It’s going to grow the more. The more data we put out there, the more risk there is, the more money there is to be made by a criminal element to attack that,” said Amick.

The program offers both in-person and flexible online learning for all student schedules.

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