Is it worth getting into cyber security with a record nearly 20 years old?


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I was convicted of a violent crime almost 20 years ago. I'm innocent of the crime although that's irrelevant because it doesn't change that I did the time and it's on my record (which I'm just saying in case anyone doubts me as the point is I gain nothing from lying about it two decades after the fact).

Anyway, I'm going into my third week as IT Support for a cybersecurity firm in a major city. No experience, no certifications.

Private sector we probably don't stand a chance but screw the private sector.

I honestly still can't believe this is my life. Job has been a dream so far. I was in really shitty dead end jobs my whole life doing physical labor for way less money. The job was sent my way and I just took a shot and applied because I realized if I apply and don't get it, I'd be in the exact same situation I already was. Thinking like that, there was no reason not to apply.

I would say the same to you. It costs you nothing to apply. If it doesn't work out, you're still where you are currently. But maybe it will work out!

If you're interested you can read about my story here

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