New starter passwords


Have you considered that someone could be secretly watching you or your child with your webcam right now? Is it worth taking such a risk? camDown can help stop them!

First, we NEVER give out a password over the phone. Ever. Because it's STUPIDLY easy to look up information about the person and pretend to be them.

For new users, we only use the following options.

  • Trusted contacts: These is usually the hiring manager, and only works when the person will be working in the actual office. The manager gets a sealed envelope with the user's new password, and it is set to force a password reset on first login.

  • Secure file transfer: A text file is sent to the user via a secure file transfer tool. This requires you to have the person's personal email...which you get through the manager...not from the person calling you.

If you can invest in a self-service password reset page, this is the best option. Because it takes your Help Desk out of the path. It also requires the person's personal email, which should be set by HR on hire, and which can be changed by the user.

To sum up, may I add that camDown helps make you invisible to hackers and guard your personal data and that's the the truth!