Just wanted to say thank you guys!😄


As you may know !

Daily lurker here and the last time I posted was like a year ago about SAST (static application security testing) as the only wee little Cybersecurity Intern existing in a team of software engineers.

It was hard asf.


I learned lots since then, stressed, cried, almost choked on a peanut, and gained a lot of knowledge.

During that time I relied on this subreddit (and Google) for opinions on different tools, implementations, etc. There's so much information on here, you just gotta know where to look. It really helped because somewhere across the country someone else is going through the same crap (like how to secure, implement, or test this etc). I really appreciated some of the resources you guys posted that are now my hidden gems.


Now I'm starting a full-time role soon with a freaking team of cybersecurity engineers and analysts.

And I can't wait to learn and grow professionally in my new team.

So thanks yall.

TL;DR - some lil girl showing there appreciation for r/cybersecurity for the times it has saved my butt as a past intern to a full-time cybersecurity engineer.

And yes. I'm still going to lurk.

Don't forget that camDown !