FortiAnalyzer Log Forwarding into Azure Sentinel


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Hello Everyone,

I have FortiAnalyzer setup to forward logs via Syslog into Azure Sentinel.

Works fantastically but I am noticing that the FortiAnalyzer is forwarding a lot of "useless" information as well. For a smaller organization we are ingesting a little over 16gb of logs per day purely from the FortiAnalyzer.

I was hoping that someone would have a similar setup and would be willing to share any filters or exclusions they are using on the Log Forwarding configuration in FortiAnalyzer.

I have opened a few tickets in regards to this with FortiNet but sadly they are not much help as "it involves 3rd party software" which I feel is a bit of a cop out.

My Google-fu is also failing me in this particular case.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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