Candidate announcement: Carol Riches, Paxton Select Board – The Landmark


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Name: Carol Lynne Riches                                                                 

Town: Paxton

Position: Paxton Select Board

My name is Carol Riches, and I would be honored to continue my service to you and the town of Paxton as a member of the Select Board.

I am married and proud of my three successful children who grew up through the Wachusett Regional School system, and am blessed with seven grandchildren. I have lived in Paxton for 26 years. Paxton was the first town that was introduced to our family when we landed in the United States from the United Kingdom, and we fell in love with the town immediately.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Becker College.

I recently retired as Paxton town administrator after 11 years; I have worked for the town for the past 25 years, in the DPW, Board of Health and the Select Board office. I understand town business and have an intimate understanding of each department's role and requirements.

As town administrator, I implemented the policies of the Select Board, meeting municipal requirements and advising all the dedicated volunteer board members and chairs, ensuring that they complied with Massachusetts General Laws. I was a member of the Capital Planning Improvements Committee, ARPA Committee, Anna Maria Scholarship Committee, DPW Facilities Committee, Cable Committee, Financial policies team, Financial management team, Wachusett Regional School District Town Administrators group, and have attended all other Paxton town committee meetings at one time or another.

I was part of the emergency management team during the COVID pandemic that ensured continuation of town operations, maintaining services but ensuring the safety of town employees and residents. Paxton was one of the first towns to safely return to work and open to the public.

I am proud of initiating the return of Paxton Days. Some of my achievements include addressing the deterioration of roads by creating the Road Stabilization Fund; joining Paxton in the Stormwater Collaboration, which obtains grants to address stormwater mandates; supporting the change to a town owned/run ambulance service; and providing the opportunity for a small business to succeed in the previous police department building. I received, on behalf of the town, more than $1.4 million in grants to support infrastructure, building improvements, policy reforms, cyber security, COVID-related costs and safety issues. I built a first-class Town Hall team of employees and strong department managers.

With your vote May 9, I would like to become a member of the Select Board, to create a strong team that maintains our general government, public safety, public services, board of health, cultural society, recreation and improve our senior and school services. I will listen and work for residents and small businesses. We need to amend our zoning bylaws to allow small businesses to succeed, but also keep the rural, small town feel that makes us want to live in Paxton.

I care deeply for town residents and town departments and want to continue to give my time and energy to the town.

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