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FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — Bernice and Tom Hunt are looking for answers after getting a letter from Riviera Utility over the weekend. “He read it first and he said you need to read this letter so,” said Bernice Hunt. “I went and read it and I said something is going on we need to do something.”

They were one of 65 thousand customers informed over the weekend of a data breach at the utility. Information like names, social security numbers and driver’s license numbers may have been compromised.

“We had an e-mail server breached and information was potentially taken from it.” President and CEO of Riviera, Tom Debell said the breach happened in October but wasn’t discovered until March. Customers found out over the weekend. “The truth is that process takes a long time. So we didn’t get the final results of the analysis until March and at that point, we had to match it up we had to go through a process of matching it with addresses so we could get information out to people.”

After spending a few minutes inside, the Hunts returned with what they had found out. “She said it only involved email accounts,” said Bernice. According to DeBell, that’s because once the breach was found the server was shut down. “We moved quickly enough to keep it from compromising the other systems that we use to handle peoples billing and their bank information.”

Good news for folks like the Hunts who may have not gotten all the answers they were looking for, “I’m not worried. Life is too short,” she laughed.

The investigation into the cyber-attack continues. In the meantime, Riviera has set up a call center where customers can call with any questions. That number is 1-855-602-1771 and they are offering free credit monitoring for a year, just in case.

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