NIST SP 800-53 vs NIST SP 800-100


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Between these two, is there one that is more relevant/important than the other -- in the context of job searching for governance, risk and compliance positions in cyber security? I know both are very important, but if you must choose one...

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I wouldn’t build my career around a specific NIST 800 series document, if I were you. The first is intended for securing federal IT, the second is a general “security managers for dummies” sort of guidance. They’re both extremely general…so if you understand one but not the other you probably won’t be successful in a job where you have to do anything.

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I lead RMF/NIST compliance management efforts for a large DoD acquisition program. We live by 800-53; 800-100 never comes up. Like another poster said, don’t build your entire career on one document. Have a good, solid overview of it all.

If you have any interest in RMF/NIST compliance, check out the (ISC)2 Certified Authorization Professional (CAP) certification for a basic, structured intro to all of this.

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800-53 is a controls library. Other NIST guidance references it to give you security controls relevant to their topic.

800-100 is an old (~2006) handbook for managers trying to apply InfoSec practices.

Basically, never pick only one compliance framework or just one standard. These are all tools that serve a purpose. Pick up the ones you need.

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You should review the proposed CMMC 2.0 legislation.

It involves 800-53, 800-171r2, and 800-172 (for Level 3).

Also check out the ISC2 cert as well.

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I’m my few years in GRC I see 53 mentioned a LOT more than 100.

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Tangentially related, would a non-security, sysadmin-esque job where you are implementing the recommendations set by 800-171 be a good stepping stone to a career in infosec?

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