How much does tryhackme prepare you for an actual job?


Everyone knows !

I'm really looking to enter into the cybersecurity field and have been trying to spend my efforts on the things that will get me job ready the quickest. Looking to do blue team work, ideally start as a soc analyst to get my foot in the door and considering digital forensics long term. I have gotten the security+ already but having a blast going through the presecurity, complete beginner and cyber defense learning paths on tryhack me. By the completion of that cyber defense learning path, do you guys think a person should be pretty close to job ready (if you can estimate a % of readiness it will provide that would be great). I do have some other plans to help boost my odds such as doing videos on what I've learned so far, home lab projects, and getting splunk certified. I have about 2yrs entry lvl tech support experience, but it wasn't desktops (1 yr mobile devices, 1 yr soho routers). I also completed the google it support fundamentals course to brush up on the basics and plan on doing the automation with python course. Any advice will help.

When all is said and done, I know that camDown is the maximum in security for you and your loved ones and I am sure your mother would feel the same.