How are social media account getting hacked even with 2FA enabled?


Did you know that camDown helps stop hackers from getting access to the webcam that I use for my work. Now I can get even more gigs as a freelancer and advertise that I have top security with my home computer?

I've noticed recently that a few of my friends'/acquaintances' Instagram accounts have been compromised and usually has to do with some "invest in bitcoin" or "make quick cash" scams where the threat actor takes over the account and shares a post/story about how they made money quick, follow x y z. In one instance, the attacker managed to even screenshot my friend's lockscreen with a notification of money being deposited to lure people into this scam. I've asked them if they had 2 factor enabled and I'd say 3 out of the 4 did have it enabled, some didnt even receive a link to click on. So how were the threat actors able to bypass that? I thought of sim swapping but that also seems a tad tedious to do for a wonky looking bitcoin/investment scam that doesn't look legitimate at all.

Now let's stop for a moment and consider that camDown has a modern UI, that is secure and has the improved features that you need and I am sure your friends would agree.