Cisco CyberOps [CBROPS 200-201] passed! My experience


As you well know !

Hi folks!

I have recently passed Cisco CyberOps exam. As I struggled with finding helpful recourses for the exam preparation, I decided to share my own experience

First. About my overall experience in IT.

I have two years of experience as tier 1 network engineer supporting LAN and WAN connectivity. Few month ago I passed CCNA. I am into cybersecurity but no actual experience in it, so I was familiar with really basics of CS

Second. The resources I used for preparation

Before I start, I just want to mention that after passing CCNA, I felt that I spent too much time in learning stuff (but was not overprepared), so I set a goal to take the exam in 6 weeks. I didn't read from cover to cover the official cert guide, I didn't watch any of the mentioned here courses from first to the last videos. Furthermore, once I started watching different courses, I felt that I am kind of familiar with the topic. After taking few practice exams, I decided just to cover the topics I don't know

So, let's get started

Cisco CyberOps Associate Lecture v1 by Arthur Salmon - One of the main resources that I used. Seems he sometimes dives too deep into some topics, a bit dry, but anyway very structured and good explanation

O'REILLY - I wish I found it earlier when I studied CCNA. There is a video course by by Omar Santos / Ron Taylor. And by the way, Omar Santos is the author of official cert guide for the exam and his book is also available in the website. Furthermore, you will find there Pearson Practice Tests. The main profit is that 10 days is trial without attaching debit/credit card.

Udemy course by Matt Carey - Honestly I disappointed by it. But paid only around $18 for that course. He doesn't really cover the topics. And looks like he just added few videos to the retired Cisco Cyber Ops exam, and released it as the brand new - I am not saying it is unrelated to the new exam at all, but still not deep enough to study. However, it was advised by another guy who passed the exam using that course

CBTNuggets course - Not bad as a supplementary. I have the subscription from my job, so it was free for me. But if I had no the subscription, I would not pay for that. Overall - not bad, but not enough as the main course

Third. Exam

I passed the exam in average around 87%. Pearson exam was much harder than the actual exam. And I would highlight 3 main topics which you must be familiar with:

- NIST 800-61 r2

- Inline, TAP, traffic mirroring

- Kill Chain

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