Forensics vs reverse engineering


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Super general question. We can only provide general answers to general questions, so please be as specific as you can.

2 different skill sets. One youre trying to find something. The other youre just trying to figure out how it works. That said, there are some overlap techniques that get used, eg, dumping and analyzing RAM for precoded keys.

I cant speak for industry, but forensics can range from basic to complex fast with subareas of network, OS, cloud, memory, etc. All of which have varying knowledge bases. In general, deep understanding of file structures, OSs, network protocols, etc. Think IT knowledge x10.

Reverse Engineering requires deep understanding of coding and execution, ranging from low level C to lower level ASM and byte-code. Understanding how executables work and how things are stored and called from memory, as well as that coding experience, are a must.

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