On an apprenticeship but got an interview for a junior cyber security analyst position. Need Advice on what to do


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Hi all

I have got a face to face interview next week for a junior cyber security analyst position. I am about 50% away through my level 4 apprenticeship (networking) but feel like my interest are more in cyber security than networking.

I like my job dont get me wrong, however i feel like i have hit a brick wall in regards to progression/learning. I am unsure if I should leave (if I get an offer) or just continue the apprenticeship.

I have been on this 2 year apprenticeship now for longer than 2 years and only half way through. Basically had to restart due to covid affecting studying at college and being on furlough for a long time.

Bit of a tricky one but anyone got any advise on what to do?


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