Is a BS in Cybersecurity really worth it?


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Hey all, I'm posting this half-expecting some very generic responses, but I'm hoping some will offer a little more.

Right off the bat, I'll ask is a BS in Cybersecurity worth it? I'm working on an AS degree at a local CC and they offer an option to transfer to an online program at the University of Maine Augusta for the same tuition cost as my local CC.

I'm currently studying for my CCNA and over the past couple of years, I ran(run) a semi-successful computer repair/build business and do some freelance work for front-end web design. My goal is in the next few months take the CCNA, hopefully pass and begin applying for some entry level role networking job. Then begin studying for the Security+.

I'm not worried about money at the moment as much as I am a). getting a job in the relevant field and b). finishing my degree sooner than later in something that will be beneficial to my career goals (currently 32yo, have an AA, but no bachelors). I also have the option to do an online degree in CompSci at UF or IT at UCF (both of these would take about 2-3 years, which I feel is longer than I want to spend on an undergraduate degree), as well.

So of those choices, what would you recommend? Is a Cybersecurity degree really worth it?


May I add that camDown is the maximum in security for you and your loved ones and your father would say the same.