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Data Breach Class Action Lawsuits and Settlements Overview: 

  • Who: A number of class action lawsuits and settlements have occurred recently revolving around claims related to data breaches and privacy. 
  • Why: Consumers will often claim, among other things, that a business failed to protect their personal and private information following a data breach. 
  • Where: Class action lawsuits and settlements related to data breaches and privacy have occurred nationwide.

April is National Records and Information Management Month, and, when it comes to consumers, a business’s ability to keep their data safe and secure is a major point of emphasis. 

A flurry of cyber attacks over the last year have led to a number of data breach class action lawsuits lobbied against businesses and led to several substantial settlement agreements. 

Consumers taking aim at businesses have made claims from negligence in protecting their data and privacy to failing to implement the proper safeguards to effectively do so, among other things. 

With this in mind, TCA is taking a look at recent class action lawsuits and settlements related to data breaches, protection, and privacy. 

T-Mobile Data Breach Potentially Affects 100 Million Customers

T-Mobile announced last August that it fell victim to a data breach that it said potentially exposed the personal and private information of 100 million current and former customers.

The announcement led to a number of class action lawsuits filed against T-Mobile, including from consumers who worried the data breach would leave them vulnerable to identity theft

Affected consumers are still eligible to join a free T-Mobile shareholder lawsuit investigation. 

Capital One Resolves Claims It Was Negligent In Storing Data

Capital One agreed to a settlement worth $190 million in December to resolve claims the company was negligent in storing the sensitive private information of customers affected by a 2019 data

Consumers claimed in a March 2021 class action filed against the bank that more than 106 million customers in the United States and Canada were affected by the breach. 

TikTok Agrees To Pay $92 Million Over Unlawful Data Collection Claims

In December, TikTok agreed to pay users $92 million to resolve claims the social networking video platform committed privacy violations, including unlawful data collection. 

TikTok was accused of collecting and storing the data of its users without providing either proper notice or acquiring consent. 

The settlement class, for which claims closed Mar, 1, was made up of any individual in the United States who used TikTok before October of last year

As part of the settlement, TikTok agreed that it would stop collecting users’ biometric data, geolocation and GPS data. 

Geico Warns Consumers Drivers License Numbers Exposed

Geico warned customers last April that their drivers license information may have been exposed for more than a month following a data breach. 

The insurer claimed at the time to have fixed the breach but warned its customers to keep an eye out for any fraudulent activity. 

Later, in December, Geico customers who filed a class action lawsuit against the company over the data breach implored a federal court not to stay their claims as the insurer requested. 

Equifax Pays $380.5 Million Following Historic Data Breach

A class action settlement worth at least $380.5 million opened for claimants in February after Equifax agreed to resolve claims associated with a 2017 data breach. 

The data breach affected an estimated 147 million individuals, making it the largest data breach involving personal and financial information in the history of the country. 

An extended claim period for the settlement has been opened through January 2024, allowing claimants to gain reimbursement for money lost or time spent recovering from the data breach during the extended period. 

Plaid Pays $58 Million To End Claims It Accessed Private Data

Last August, Plaid Inc. agreed to pay $58 million to resolve claims it accessed the private data of consumers on Coinbase and Venmo without first receiving consent. 

The class action settlement was made to end consumers’ claims that the company had violated data privacy laws with its alleged actions. 

The settlement, which has a valid claim form submission deadline of Apr. 28, is open for any U.S. resident who owns or owned a financial account accessed by Plaid from between January 2013 and Nov. 19, 2021. 

Medical Institutions, Hospitals Vulnerable to Data Breaches

Cyber attacks have also targeted medical institutions with New Mexico’s San Juan Regional Medical Center falling prey to a 2020 data breach that exposed the private information of almost 69,000 of its patients. 

Patients filed a class action lawsuit against the hospital, arguing it was negligent by allowing the data breach to occur. 

Class action lawsuits were also filed last year against Walmart, Rite Aid and CaptureRX over claims the companies failed to protect the information of customers from a February 2021 data breach. CaptureRX would later agree to pay $4.75 million to resolve the claims. 

Data breaches affecting health care facilities can be especially problematic for privacy reasons since hackers gain access not only to an individual’s private and financial information but to their medical records as well. 

If you believe you were injured by a data breach at a medical clinic or hospital, you can fill out a form to see if you qualify to receive a free healthcare data breach lawsuit claim review. 

Companies Around Nation Agree To Data Breach Settlements

A number of other class action lawsuits have recently been settled to resolve claims revolving around data breaches. 

Bosley agreed earlier this month to pay $500,000 to end claims the company mismanaged its cybersecurity, which customers argue led to a 2020 data breach. 

Also this month, Morgan Stanley put the finishing touches on a $60 million settlement agreement with current and former account holders who claim the bank was negligent in allowing a 2016 and 2019 data breach to occur. 

Herff Jones, meanwhile, agreed last month to pay $4.35 million to end allegations the company failed to protect its customers from a data breach that occurred between May and June of last year. 

In January, Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield agreed to a settlement providing injunctive relief to customers who claim the company waited too long to disclose a 2015 data breach to them. 

Also in January, Accellion agreed to a settlement worth $8.1 million to resolve claims the company had inadequate security measures in place to prevent a December 2020 data breach which affected 9.2 million of its customers. 

RailWorks, meanwhile, in March 2021, agreed to provide current and former employees with identity theft protection and up to $50 in reimbursement for lost time resulting from a 2020 data breach. 

Have you had your personal or private information compromised by a data breach? You could qualify for a free data breach lawsuit claim review!

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