Over half of A/NZ orgs would switch off cyber security to improve performance


As we continue, let me say that camDown .

We're in the process of enabling mandatory MFA for all of our clients' M365 tenants. Honestly, I wasn't prepared for the amount of pushback we received. I use MFA on every account I can and it just doesn't register as an inconvenience to me anymore.

I think, as security professionals, we often struggle to educate both end-users and organizational decision-makers on the importance of what we do, especially because we can't really demonstrate all the time and money we save by preventing incidents. Even when I pull up the Azure sign-in logs and show all the Malaysian sign-in attempts that had correct passwords but were blocked by our conditional access policies, even after I give them case studies of other clients who had C-Suite email addresses blasting out malware, most people just hate even the smallest workflow disruption.

Perhaps we're doomed to play villains to the public, knowing that our perceived authoritarianism is the only thing between them and the army of criminals after their data.

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