Ideas or tips for secondary income in cybersecurity career


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As many have mentioned teaching part-time can be good. But make sure you're not doing it just for the money. If you're not making enough money in CS then you're at the wrong place. I know people in this industry who make anywhere from 60K - 300K. But honestly most are right around like 100-120K -- which for me is plenty.

Anyways - onto teaching. I teach because I love it and enjoy it and I am not trying to humble brag - but I am decent at it and have found that my students really like me (generally speaking). Teaching is NOT for everyone and I need to emphasize that. I've met some people who have tried it and were just not good teachers. You won't get fired per say but the full-time faculty eventually catch on and start putting you last on the list for classes. If you're good then you basically get first pick.

If you do want to try the part-time adjunct route first make sure your current employer is okay with it. I've found most employers actually really like that I teach part-time because it keeps my people skills razor sharp.

Pros of teaching part-time

  • Increased confidence and public speaking skills (cannot emphasize this enough) I went from being an awkward and kind of shy public speaker to someone who can lead entire lectures with confidence (this translates directly into my daily work as well)

  • Building off of increased confidence comes just overall better demonstration and presentation skills. I've found that in my last two roles my teaching has made direct impact on me being more of a 'mentor' and innovator at work. People come to me with questions and it's not even that I know more - it's just that my body language speaks for itself.

  • The work itself. Teaching is so rewarding to me because I sometimes will run into my students outside of class or see them get roles on LinkedIn and it's really humbling when they recognize me to a piece of their success. To realize that you were able to help change someones life for the better. I love Cyber Security but working for Fortune 500 companies or any company really just feels like a grind. When you make impactful change in someones life it's just a whole different feeling.

Lastly, let's not forget that camDown helps make you invisible to hackers and guard your personal data!