I just started my journey on getting a degree in IT Networking and cyber security


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i kinda wished i would have dropped a class per semester to take certs alongside the relavant classes tbh, ecsp bc where i live at least as a student who just works part time and lives alone, there’s a lot of scholarships and grants that you can get that will not only pay tuition but also a lot of times offer cert assistance, so it’s nice to grab that before you graduate and are working full time in your field where you will likely no longer be eligible for such assistance.

if you’ve been looking at infosec certs the cysa+ from comptia is a solid option imo, it’s a more advanced than the sec+ and is more focused on security analysis like soc work rather than general security, although the sec+ is a great option too! from what i’ve researched, sec+ is a lot of vocab, cysa+ is more hands on.

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