SIEM Engineer (future prospects)


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I was recently approached by a recruiter giving me good indication that they want to consider me for their client for a SIEM Engineer role with a 6 month contract to start and strong possibility of extending to 2 years. They’ll pay $75/hr for 37.5 hours/week so money is good. (For reference I have 1.5+ security experience in SOC/Engineer type role and 8+ overall IT experience). The main focus of this role is to run a pilot program and connect multiple log sources to SIEM, enable log ingestion, parse the logs, design queries, create workbooks/dashboards, trend billing and usage, exporting the data from SIEM into other solutions for SOAR etc. What I am confused about is whether this is a good path for me and are there many companies looking for SIEM engineer/specialists? As I want to work in core infrastructure/cloud security roles for a bit more time to be well rounded in that area. Before this I hadn’t come across this job title. I had just been seeing Security Analyst/Security Engineer/Security Architect roles. The JD specifically mentioned a few things which I am confused about from Security perspective. “This team is responsible for Security tool/application/solution delivery and is NOT an infosec team responsible for triaging, investigation etc. This teams clients are the SOC and other IS teams.” So, what do you guys think? If I work in this job for a year, would it be fairly easy for me to pivot to Infrastructure/Cloud Security Engineer or pentesting type roles if I keep working on those skills on the side?

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