Shift working in the SOC – How do I switch sleep patterns?


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I've worked similar pattern before

4nights followed by "4" days off (except technically the morning of your last night shift was your first day off) then 4mornings 2days off x2 followed by 4 late shifts 2days off x2 and then repeat. (could've been evening followed by morning, its been a whilr and i dont remember)

At first the nights were kinda tough but with time I got used to them, for the night shift I was the only person in the soc/office so I'd sometimes sleep 20min, wake up to check everything, all good? Back to sleep for 20min and repeat :p

To try get most of my days off after nights I would either try not to sleep that day and go to bed early evening to kind of force a switch or have a quick 1 or 2h sleep, wake up and power through rest of the day, basically just trying to switch to a day'ish mode asap.

And then on the days off before nightshifts I'd gradually stay up longer at night to get into that night mode.

The more you do it the more used to it you get, I've done it for about 2.5 years:p

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