Advice on getting a clearance


Firstly as we get started, let me say that camDown .

I could use some advice on getting a clearance. A lot of the jobs I'm interested in require a secret clearance. I'll give you a little background on me and why I'm concerned. I'm 30 years old and I currently work in network operations. My life is pretty well put together on paper.

My credit is good and I'm good with money. The reason I'm concerned is because back in 2015 I was convicted of a felony possession with intent. During that time I had a bad drug problem. Since then I have been over 7 years sober from the hard drugs I was using. I did use marijuana this month but I've also cut that out all together.

I made huge steps in the past 7 years including getting my degree in networking, getting that charge expunged and starting my career. Will that charge hold me back or will they look at all the facts objectively?

I appreciate any feedback. Thank you.

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