Tips for upcoming Google SE position


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Hi! I worked at a FAANG, not google, but kinda know what to expect.

Definitely follow the advice that others have given you and read cracking the coding interview. I would also jump on leetcode, you can sort based on company i believe, basically it will list the most likely questions the company will ask.

My security interview was for more of an AppSec role, so I got more coding. I believe you will have coding as a SE, but not as much. Normally the person doing the technical interview is very chill and helpful. They know its stressful and won't try and rattle you.

After the technical interview, you will have 3-4 rounds of culture fit interviews. Basically, you will meet your your direct super/manager and maybe some team members.

Also, be prepared for additional technical interviews beyond the first. The most I've had was at Amazon, had 3 1/2. But that was for a Dev position not a security role.

I will say that if you get to a 3rd interview, you basically have the job and they are just doing some more culture fit checks and finding the right team for you.

Overall, its an extremely professional and laid back experience. I've had more stressful interviews at some low level MSSPs than at a FAANG.

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