Dark Souls 3 exploit could let hackers take control of your entire computer


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Edit: scrolling through the related threads, looks like Blue Sentinel 1.3.0 dropped earlier and the code has been obfuscated. Someone in a linked thread said obfuscation "prevents reverse engineering" which should be amended to "hopefully prevents reverse engineering until the real patch drops" 😛

That basically means they made the RCE public without even waiting for the devs response after making a public demo. They went from kind of OK disclosure to irresponsible disclosure in a day, at least they should have set a deadline for the devs to fix it before going through a 3rd party fix. From what they said before they had no reason to believe anyone else knew the details of the issue, so there was no reason to rush something like this.

So now anyone not using that specific 3rd party tool with those games (so, the vast majority of players) has a door wide open to what's basically a public RCE.

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