Australian scientists find biological marker in long Covid patients – National Herald


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"My initial infection was quite mild, however my long Covid symptoms are significant. I've lost the ability to comprehend the way I did before having Covid," said Gal.

Proving the biological basis for long Covid will not only open up ways to treat and monitor the condition, but it also, for patients like Gal, confirmed a biological basis of the ongoing impacts of the disease.

The researchers said that new studies would need to be conducted to see if the impacts of long Covid are milder or rarer in those who have been vaccinated or with different variants, such as the now dominant Omicron variant.

"We will continue our analysis in response to the Omicron wave. In the meantime, with so many unknowns with both Covid and long Covid, we should do everything we can to reduce transmission," said Kirby Institute Director, Anthony Kelleher.

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