Man Threatened to Blow Up OSHA Building Over COVID Rules, Police Say – The Daily Beast


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An Oklahoma man was angered by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for businesses, so he threatened to bomb a local office, police said. James Moore, 53, of Del City, Oklahoma, was arrested Wednesday after police were tipped off to Moore‘s intentions, according to authorities. They eventually discovered that he’d emptied his checking account to carry out the alleged plot, which included detonating a truck full of gasoline in front of the building—and taking his own life. “We determined that we couldn’t wait,” Bradley Rule, a spokesman for the Del City Police Department, told KFOR. “He had to come off the streets right now.” His ex-wife told the station that, while Moore long harbored anti-government views, he ultimately suffered from mental issues. “Mentally, he needs help, he’s at a breaking point,” she said. “He’s lost.” Moore was charged with a terrorist hoax complaint and given a $500,000 bond. Police said they would turn the case over to the FBI as Moore is processed on a state level. The Supreme Court struck down the OSHA mandate on Thursday.

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