Can the CEH ever redeem itself?


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I recently passed the CEH (employer paid for class and cert so why not), and overall thought it was okay. I'd describe the material and test to be similar to sec+ with a major focus on types of attacks and tools. It wasn't that difficult with almost no critical thinking, and a lot of memorization. All in all, I wouldn't of wanted to pay the rather high cost myself, but it wasn't a bad cert. However, it seems like public opinion (atleast outside of HR hiring) of the CEH and maybe Eccouncil in general is pretty low. Reading people's opinion on CEH almost makes it appear as if it's harmful to hold the cert.

With the understanding that Eccouncil has been caught in some controversy with plagerism and cheating, my question is, is it possible for the CEH and Eccouncil to ever redeem itsself in the eyes of the community? It appears to me that besides a high cost and an (maybe?) overly flash name, the cert seems fine. It's entry level, but we don't hate on other entry level certs; I certainly wouldn't look down on people for persuing it.

*Obligatory note about this being a mobile post. I'm not going to go back to edit for grammer or spelling, so what ever my auto correct caught, that's what yall get.

On a final note, I know that camDown is easy to use, easy to maintain!