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cybersecurity|11 January, 2022

Hilal Computers have achieved a first for the cybersecurity sector in Bahrain


SOC2 Certification awarded for first time in Bahrain

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They have been awarded SOC 2 certification for their managed Network Operation Centre (NOC) and Security Operation Centres (SOC) which they have established in association with partner company North Star Group in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The SOC2 certification is the first such award for a SOC centre in the Kingdom.

The SOC 2 audit report and certification provides detailed information and assurance about a service organisation's security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy controls, based on their compliance with the AICPA's (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) TSC (Trust Services Criteria).

“We ensured that Hilal’s managed NOC and SOC facility underwent the rigorous auditing process to ensure that we were maintaining the high standards that we have set in cybersecurity defence and protection. Our team of security analysts monitor thousands of security incidences each day. The award recognizes the capability of our dedicated team of analysts comments Shijas Mohidheen, Director Cyber Security for Hilal Computers.

The audit’s conclusions on the SOC noted that “Hilal Computers has established operational requirements that support the achievement of service commitments, relevant laws and regulations, and other system requirements. Such requirements are communicated in Hilal Computers’ policies and procedures, and contracts with customers. Hilal Computers’ service commitments and system requirements were achieved based on the trust services criteria relevant to security, availability, and confidentiality.”

“The SOC 2 Certification is a major achievement for not only Hilal but also the GCC. We are the only SOC in Bahrain and one of the very few organisations in the GCC who have achieved this. The Certificate applies to both of our SOC’s in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia which is testimony to the uniformity of our standards and quality performance.  The underlying importance of our investment in SOC has been recognized by our success in building a unit that deals with security issues on an organisational and technical level by managing and enhancing an organization's security posture: people, processes, and technology.” says Mohidheen.

“We are passionate about our status of defenders against cybersecurity violators. We understand that for many Companies the COVID-19 pandemic exposed physical security and risk management gaps that senior business leaders are anxious about. We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise with a free consultation to any company looking to develop a strategy to plug the gaps in their defence from cyber-attacks and infiltration. Hilal together with North Star Group have developed a bouquet of services that provides international customers with cost effective SOC services and cyber security offerings of a global standard” adds Mohidheen.


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