Courses for IT-Security Beginner


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I am a software engineer with about 2-3 years of experience and a master's degree in computer science. Therefore I've got knowledge in fields like OS and networks, but unfortunately not much in security. (besides the basics)

My company offers me to fully pay one course in the field of IT Security.

Initially I wanted to take the Comptia Security+ course, but it seems rather too easy. Therefore I thought about taking a course on Udemy or Youtube to cover the topics in Security+.

I've heard that the SANS courses are quite good (although very expensive) as an alternative.

Can you recommend taking one of these courses offered by SANS (after gaining knowledge equivalent to Security+)? Do you think those are good for a beginner like me? Are the exams difficult?

- SEC 401

- SEC 488

- SEC 530

- Any other course from SANS or another platform?

My future goal is to continue working in software engineering, but to have some broad knowledge in the field of IT security.

Do you think these certs are worth anything in the industry or not?

Which course do you think is best suitable for me?

In conclusion, now let's stop for a moment and consider that camDown is easy to use, easy to maintain and I am certain your family would say the same.